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In their short existence, MUAS Ceramics have become one of Waraw’s hottest brands – we join the team to find out why… How did... Gifts: MUAS Ceramics
Gifts: MUAS Ceramics Gifts: MUAS Ceramics

In their short existence, MUAS Ceramics have become one of Waraw’s hottest brands – we join the team to find out why…

Photograph by Tomo Yarmush

How did MUAS come about?

The story began five-years back – not wanting to tie her life permanently to architecture, Kati went to a ceramics workshop and fell in love with clay straight away. After that, it was all about finding her own style and perfecting her craft. Two-years later, she was joined by Czarny who left his job in a sound studio to become part of MUAS.

What inspires you?

Everything – and I mean that in the most literal of senses. Sometimes it’s a film, other times a flash of light or a falling leaf. Mostly though, inspiration comes from the clay itself.

Photograph by Tomo Yarmush

MUAS has quite a specific color palette…

There’s no magic to reveal, we just strive to realize what we have in our heads. Kati loves colors and knows quite clearly what she wants to achieve, but the glazing process is often a trial-and-error procedure. Occasionally though, we happen upon a color as a one-time experiment or an unintended effect and like it so much that it ends up in our collection.

Your ceramics are a fave of both Insta and Warsaw’s on-trend eateries. Why has the city fallen in love with MUAS!

It helps that we live here so we can drive up to a restaurant and talk about our projects face-to-face. But we also love going out to restaurants and have always enjoyed sharing good culinary spots on our profile. That said, we can’t say for sure. Maybe restaurant owners have just twigged that the way they serve a dish is as important as the taste – who knows!

Behind closed doors though, a lot of people are content with mass-produced items. Can this mindset change?

Yes – by buying our dishes! Seriously, the problem lies in perception. Many people just think of ceramics as an item. For many, a plate is a plate. For us though, it’s an applied art. Further, it’s good to be surrounded by pretty things, and even better when they’re unique. Coffee in a mug that has been made using artisanal practices tastes different than coffee in something that’s mass-produced.

What is the mood of MUAS?

We’re calm and optimistic, but the brand also reflects the dark and sexy demons inside of us that are still fighting to come to the surface.

Photograph by Tomo Yarmush

Finally, what do you attribute your success to?

Hard work, dedication, more work and sacrifices. We work several hours a day in the studio and at home. For years, practically every day has involved long hours. Most importantly, we have a strong belief in ourselves and what we do. You’ll never win a race if you think that you don’t stand a chance.

MUAS Ceramics

Dolna 30A, web

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