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If ever a marriage was made in heaven, it was this summer’s coupling of Mysia 3 and Reginabar – two cult destinations cut from... Going Out: Reginabar na Mysiej
Going Out: Reginabar na Mysiej Going Out: Reginabar na Mysiej

If ever a marriage was made in heaven, it was this summer’s coupling of Mysia 3 and Reginabar – two cult destinations cut from the same philosophical cloth.

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Who’s Who

First off, let’s introduce Mysia 3 to those that aren’t any the wiser – set in the former Communist censorship office, this department store out-hips the competition with a collection of brands and shops that go far beyond the standards you expect. Don’t believe us? Then check out the Leica camera emporium or the vinyl records at Asfalt. It’s a place that seeks to ‘inspire’ those that visit, and in this it succeeds.

Then there’s Reginabar. Created by the same trio behind MOD, it’s confidently positioned on the frontline of cool – mixing Little Italy and China Town, this slice of ethnic NYC has become the gathering ground for the Warsaw’s most wanted: 30-year-old crypto traders, selfie-taking influencers, fashion students and upcoming celebs. If it sounds a bit up its own arse, then it most certainly isn’t – everyone gets along here, making it one of the best vibes in town.

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So What?

Buoyed by their own success, Reginabar have now opened another location, this one snuck in an extension slapped onto the back walls of Mysia 3. Small in size, it’s taken all that’s great about the original whilst adapting those things to the Mysia 3 address – that means earlier working hours (in terms of both opening and closing), and an atmosphere that sets itself equally well to morning coffee, a working lunch or after-office drink.

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It’s Got The Look!

The work of Anna Szczęsny and Grzegorz Hasik, it’s little wonder the interior has already seduced king-making lifestyle titles such as Vogue and Elle. Described by some as “reminiscent of the belly folds of a Chinese Buddha”, others might say the powder pink bar is more redolent of a giant vulva – either way, it boldly dominates the visual horizon. As for the rest, that’s a neat assembly of primrose-colored tiled tables, sky blue seats and stainless steel. And to top it all off, there’s bursts of greenery to soothe the senses.

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The Taste Test

The menu is small, but everything on it seems to shout: ‘order me!’. In this respect, the pizza is essential, and proves nothing like expected. If the original Reginabar is best-known for its leopard-spotted pizzas, this new venture of theirs presents this staple dietary requirement in a witty new way – on square’s of inch-thick sourdough bread. Found under a layer of coin-sized pepperoni slices, the Number 4 pizza comes recommended.

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Reginabar’s love of China Town has also made the journey to Mysia 3, and that involves around a dozen choices such as Cantonese-style beef in sweet & sour sauce and the best-selling General Tso’s Chicken – consider it the perfect blend of spice, tang and deep-fried goodness. As for dessert, the red velvet cake is nothing if not a big, dramatic wallop of buttery chocolate tastes. All things considered, this is food designed to make you feel good about the world.

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Don’t Forget

Though closing relatively early (8 p.m. from what we can determine), those who head here without sampling the cocktails should be punished with twenty lashes. Classic highballs aside, visit for fun and flirty cocktails with an Asian spin: refreshing but with a lightly spiced twist, the ‘lemonade rum cheng tng’ was our pick of the bunch.

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Final Word

That Mysia 3 and Reginabar have aligned together has made for the perfect Tinder match – with each priding themselves on their sense of urban diversity and youthful chic, it’s a pairing you can’t help but love. Strong in both its substance and presentation, it’Qs a place you wish good things upon – and in turn, they wish good things on you. With each bill coming with a fortune cookie, the tendency is to leave Reginabar in soaring spirits.

Regina na Mysiej  

Mysia 3 (ground floor) 

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