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Grupa Warszawa ride to the rescue of the elderly with a public-backed meals-on-wheels project …

That the coronavirus laid bare the ugly selfishness of many is impossible to ignore, yet away from the more lurid stories a lesser-publicized, kinder picture of humanity has also emerged. As Warsaw entered lockdown mode, the city saw an outbreak of generosity as altruistic citizens rushed to help those struggling to adapt. But of the dozens upon dozens of initiatives launched, few have galvanized residents more than #PosiłekDlaSeniora.

Created by Grupa Warszawa, a firm responsible for some of the edgiest F&B concepts in town, the fundraiser has set out to ensure that the elderly do not go without food during these pressing times. With over 22% of the city’s population aged 60 or over, and many of those belonging to the most vulnerable and at-risk groups, Grupa Warszawa have pledged to cook and deliver meals for them. Cooked at the company’s Biała and Syreni Śpiew venues, the meals, valued at zł. 25 each, have proved a hit with the public so far moved to donate in excess of zł. 18,000 to support the project.
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