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A Mexican wave is upon us, and high time too. After years of suffering frozen ingredients, timid flavors and daft Mariachi music to persuade... Gringo Bar
Gringo Bar Gringo Bar

A Mexican wave is upon us, and high time too. After years of suffering frozen ingredients, timid flavors and daft Mariachi music to persuade us it’s all authentic, a raft of new cut-price eateries are showing the rest how it’s done. Cooked and folded by fist bumping lads in back-to-front caps and baggy t-shirts, the food at Gringo is the best of the bunch: fiery, fresh and full of zing.

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Gringo Bar
ul. Odolańska 15, tel. 22 848 9523, open Mon-Sat 12:00-20:00; Sun 11:00-20:00

  • Jaakko

    1 August 2015 #1 Author

    They managed to get very good and actually mexican ingredients but they do not seem to know anything about cooking or preparing a taco.

    So if you know how you want your taco and like actual mexican food instead of the usual tex mex. Go here but instruct them on how to actually prepare the food.

    The problem that they have seem to be that they fully miss the point of a taco and try to make it something fancier that it actually is. They basically have the right stuff in the food but then for some unimaginable reason, they ruin it at the end by adding many things that do not belong to a taco. Probably because of the pretentious hipsterism and lack of knowledge of cooking.


    • Insider

      4 August 2015 #2 Author

      hello jaakko, I understand your passion for Mexican food. I used to wish that a proper Mexican owned and run taquería would open here, but then I know this is Poland and while we live in a transnational world, doing so would be kind of ridiculous. All the tastes of Mexico are about the ingredients. Queso blanco is non-existent and somtimes people use Polish twaróg. While we will never see fresh poblanos used to make chile rellonos, we can get habarnero from Germany and jalapenos from Israel (even though they are not as hot). So basically what I feel some people need to do is get creative. I think El Popo and Gringo do the best job in Warsaw. I would like to also add that blaming hipsters for things is not the right attitude in Warsaw, because if not for the people looking to bring interesting things here, then we would all be eating schabowy, pierogi and an assortment of soups. Plus, the guys at Gringo are really nice.


  • DS

    18 August 2015 #3 Author

    best burrito in poland!


  • Bri

    7 October 2015 #4 Author

    I cannot understand at all how Gringo is rated so highly by the Insider, even winning best Mexican 2014. I have been their twice and the burrito is just some pre-mixed over-cooked stew/chili type stuff that they slop out of a big pot and into a burrito. More like something one might get at a military camp.
    Real Mex and Tex-Mex is created by grilling fresh meat to-order and adding recently cooked beans and rice plus fresh ingredients like salsa, cheese, jalapeños, etc. The Only people that are doing this properly in Warsaw right now that I know of are food trucks/kiosks like Taco Libre, Burritos Locos (Mexican owner Fernando and his wife Ania) and Urban Burritos.


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