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I guess it was my generation that made going to the gym ‘cool’. Yet nightmares of florescent leg warmers and feeble attempts to jog... Gym Generation
Gym Generation Gym Generation

I guess it was my generation that made going to the gym ‘cool’. Yet nightmares of florescent leg warmers and feeble attempts to jog on a treadmill, whilst my chunky Sony Walkman dragged my jogging pants southward, is probably why I have never understood the addiction to working up a sweat in a room full of strangers. But I do accept physical activity has huge benefits to our well-being, thus the sooner we nurture our offspring with a healthy respect for their body the more chance they will grow into people with healthy minds and habits. 

This is the philosophy of Gym Generation; two mums have put their heart, soul and many hours into realizing their dream of giving families a lifestyle choice. Gym Generation (age 4 months to 12 years) focuses on developing skills in coordination, flexibility and strength along with confidence, teamwork and patience. And to meet this end, they have employed three athletically trained professionals who have bounds of energy to take on the challenge of ‘unplugging’ the new generation and getting them on their feet. 

I took my bookworm of a daughter along for the free trial lesson. Much to my surprise, unlike the frown I get on school PE day, she absolutely loved it and was returned to me an hour later with a glow of adrenaline and one healthy appetite. Her favorite exercise was swinging 360 on the bar and walking the beam. She slept better than ever that night.

If you’re dreading dark winter afternoons stuck indoors with cranky children climbing walls, or just concerned your child is turning into a computer junkie or, worse still, the TV couch potato, then stretch your limbs and sprint towards Gym Generation. This colourful and light space, located at the Olympic Centre, is also home to the Museum of Sport and full of trophies, and is unrivalled in the city and guaranteed to ignite a passion for sport. Not only is there plenty of parking and an expertly organized schedule of classes, but they offer tailor-made birthday parties – all while parents sip free coffee whilst enjoying a peerless view of the city’s skyline.

ul. Wybrzeże Gdyńskie 4
502 092 695
See website for updated schedule

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