Halloween Countdown

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Halloween Countdown Halloween Countdown

There’s scary houses and then there’s really scary houses. Tulipanowa 12 fits the latter description. Set down a mud track in the middle of a forest, this Anin property sends a shiver down the spine no matter what time of day. Remember the house at the end of the Blair Witch Project? Welcome to the Polish equivalent. And should you ask what kind of madman would ever live in a place like this, then the answer is, well… a madman.

A swirl of internet rumors assert the owner went postal in the early 90s after being declared bankrupt, then killed his wife and children before hanging himself in the basement. The property has stood empty ever since, and is now being slowly eaten by nature itself. But wait a second, all is not what it seems. Paranormal experts insist there’s no trace of ghostly activity, while locals fervently deny all knowledge of any mass murder (but then they would, wouldn’t they?). Whatever the truth is, on a misty moonlit night it’s one hell of a place.

Are there any Anin residents who know anything more? Is this the haunted scene of a very nasty crime, or just an abandoned little house in the middle of some woods?? 

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