Hey, Mr DJ! Hey, Mr DJ!

Frenchman Anthony Saint, a.k.a DJ Indeepop, is the man behind the SWEAT REPUBLIKA club nights, as well as artistic director of the Bristol Hotel. We catch up with him to talk about the DJ life…

• was the GM of a club in Switzerland when I first started to muck about with turntables and vinyl. Then, one day, someone said ‘hey, we need you right now, the DJ’s just been fired.’ That’s how it began. The first thing I had to do was manage the stress that was jumping from out of my face! The first 15 minutes weren’t easy, but I started to relax after seeing the crowd dancing and having fun.

I play in other countries, and the Warsaw scene really isn’t bad – what’s missing though is a big club, a place that holds like 2,500-3,000 people. We need a place for really big names. We’ve got a few good venues here, but they only hold 300-500 people.  

• What do I want to see changed? I want more international DJs, not the same DJs playing three times a week in different clubs on the same street. And let’s get rid of the word ‘mash-up’. That’s definitively the kind of music that’s painful for my ears.  

• SWEAT REPUBLIKA is a project I conceived a few years ago as a way for clubs to brand themselves. The idea was to give clubs a color, an image and a distinct taste in music. It’s mainly me and DJ Trent, though we’ve also got a few other musicians on the cards. We get about two or three events a month in Poland and abroad, including a monthly residence in Platinium, and while we’re not a major event we do have our place on the clubbing scene. 

• I think in France people want to know whose playing in a club, whereas in Poland they don’t really care. That’s kind of sad because it means they don’t see, hear or feel the differences in quality between DJs.  

• When traveling to DJ I’m not the kind of person who applies concepts of ‘zen’ to his bag. I always take two or three t-shirts and comfortable sneakers, and also pills for whatever pain I might suddenly get while playing – they’ve saved the night a few times! And the magic touch before I go out to play is a dash of Blue by Chanel. Don’t ask why, I just love it. 


Nov 29 @ Platinium

Dec 13 @ Foksal XVIII 

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