Home Delivery: Weekend Warriors! Home Delivery: Weekend Warriors!

Staying on the couch? Then liven up the weekend with something alternative to pizza.

Butchery & Wine
ul. Żurawia 22
When Butchery opened in 2011 it completely transformed the way Poland viewed its steak. The first ‘new wave’ meat joint in the country, it’s launch lit the fuse for a steak revolution. Now an institution in its own right, this cosmopolitan spot has become one of the most sought out bookings in the capital. No tables? No problem! Now on Room Service, hit them up for such dishes as 28-day aged rib-eye; grilled octopus; and their signature tartar.

Bombaj Masala Tapas
ul. Ząbkowska 29 (Centrum Praskie Koneser)
Looks-wise it’s a feast for the eyes with 1,760 copper pipes hanging from the ceiling to generate a warming glow that mixes naturally with the brick finishes and spirited works of art. Differing from their mothership on Jana Pawla, the menu here involves street food-style tapas such as flat-fried Kachori dumplings and crispy cauliflower pakoras to outstanding tandoori dishes like marinated zander with garlic chili sauce. And when you want it hot, the Kerala lamb curry comes with the capacity to challenge all the senses as it sends you into sniffles of unbridled joy.

Dos Tacos
ul. Jasna 22
The true secret weapon at Dos Tacos is Isabel Balderas, a Mexican chef that has mastered the bright, bold tastes of her native country. This cuisine has enjoyed something of a breakout over the last few years, but while the millennials clamor over new food trucks and funky little start-ups, Dos Tacos is a timely reminder that the old guard sometimes know best. For something seriously perky, order up the Salsa Inferno to add some spring to your step.

Altro Locale
ul. Willowa 9 
Set in a quiet section of Old Mokotów, it’s little wonder the plaudits haven’t ceased. Owned by chef Andrea Carillo, authentic, homespun tastes vie for attention inside a charming space that’s chic and modern but never spartan. You can tell Carillo has invested his heart and soul in this venture, and the result is an ever-changing menu featuring lamb chops, tuna steak, and sea bream done the Italian way – don’t think you’ll be getting any pizza. Fittingly, its reputation has extended beyond the district’s natural border, a point affirmed by the popularity of their deliveries.

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