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Budka z Lodami / Sosenka ul. Francuska 30 On sunny weekends you’ll find Saska’s longest queues building up outside this simple, street-side cabin. With... Ice Cream Screams: The Best In Warsaw?

It's a tough job, but we've tried our best to find the best scoops in Warsaw... And here are the results!

Ice Cream Screams: The Best In Warsaw? Ice Cream Screams: The Best In Warsaw?

Budka z Lodami / Sosenka
ul. Francuska 30
On sunny weekends you’ll find Saska’s longest queues building up outside this simple, street-side cabin. With social distancing now ‘a thing’, those queues are likely to get even bigger! Everyone (including the Insider’s dog) agrees they’re worth the time, not least for their lashings of frozen yogurt drizzled with freshly chopped fruits. And when it comes to ice cream, watch out for exotica such as guava or watermelon.

Frank Warszawa
ul. Polna 18/20
Mixing, so they say, French philosophy with New York creativity and Polish heart, a visit to Frank is like happening upon a little, local secret. The pastries are a standout, but you know what, so too is the ice cream. Pastry or ice cream? Spoil yourself: have both.

Ice Pot
Hala Gwardii
Ice Pot finished has long been one of the Insider’s favorite scoops – and they keep getting better. Produced by a true enthusiast, the seasonal flavors and occasionally wacky experiments (mulled wine, apple pie, etc.) never score less than a perfect ten. And if the tastes are a different level, then the service is as well.

ul. Narbutta 38
What is it with Mokotów and ice cream? Amid a hugely competitive field, the wide flavor choice, quality ingredients and loving hand of Jednorożec mark them a notch above their immediate competitors.

ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 13 (Raffles Europejski Warsaw)
To go posh, and let’s face it, you’ll want to treat yourself after promenading up the Royal Route, then the Lourse patisserie covers all sweet indulgences – both icy and not.

Na Końcu Tęczy
Al. Wyzwolenia 15
Named in honor of the rainbow that once stood in the center of Pl. Zbawiciela, this vibrant spot occasionally likes to push the envelope when it comes to flavors, but it’s the fruity flavors that seem to work the best: the kiwi mascarpone is another level, as is the apple sorbet.

Nitro Lody
ul. Zwycięzców 11
Frozen with liquid nitrogen, just watching the process is enough to make customers feel like they’re watching some NASA sponsored experiment. Smoother than midnight velvet, the result sees super creamy classic tastes jazzed up with sprinkles of Lion bar, Gummi Bears and other such greatness.

ul. Brzeska 29/31
Made to Italian recipes reputed to be 160-years old (with some personal magic thrown in to boot), Pallone pride themselves on quality ingredients: chocolate from Belgian and Colombia, citrus fruits from Sicily, and the finest cream and milk you’ll find in Poland. There’s nothing too wacky about the flavor choice but the tastes will punch you out. Wow!!!

Quattro Si
ul. Jasna 4B (Pruszków)
This Pruszków-based gelateria raised eyebrows earlier this year after it was ranked 42nd in the latest edition of the Gelato Festival World Rankings. Owned by Peter Bertoti, the parlor is no stranger to accolades, having previously scooped domestic awards for its plum and blueberry flavors.

ul. Andersa 37
Although it looks rather budget-minded, Roszki have won hearts for an offer that’s especially strong on chocolate-based ice creams. The chocolate habanero comes with a fiery twist and a fan club that extends beyond Muranów’s geographic borders – full marks!

Stara Lodziarnia
ul. Francuska 48
Interesting variations such as coconut & blackberry are well received, but it’s the basics that are truly exceptional: no-one does strawberry better! Made outside of Warsaw by the owner’s parents (and to a recipe coined by the family before the war), the scoops here speak of a true labor of love: yep, we absolutely love it – and so does the Insider’s dog (according to whom, it’s the best place on Planet Earth!).

Tłusty Kotek
ul. Hoża 51
Set within an old dairy plant, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find The Fat Cat appearing on every rundown of local ice cream faves. Functioning doubly as a cool café dealing in specialty coffee, the scoops never disappoint with choices including dollops of ice cream sandwiched between cookies.

ul. Poznańska 26
Known as the vegan square mile on account of its proliferation of vegan restaurants and cafes, it’s no surprise to find a vegan gelato stop (‘vegelato’) opening in the area. Top marks to sugar-free creations such as the mango lass or raspberry & cardamom.

Ulica Baśniowa
Al. Wojska Polskiego 41
The choice isn’t just vast, it’s sugar-free thanks to their commitment to using natural stevia instead. Few leave with anything but rave reviews, and their cause is furthered by an equally impressive choice of cakes and tarts. It’s a Żoliborz legend – and rightfully so.

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