In Profile: Marek Sulek In Profile: Marek Sulek


•My material is based around two things: nature and artificiality. I combine the two so that people view objects differently. For instance, you wouldn’t normally notice a dead tree would you, but the moment I paint it blue then you will.
•I’d say my most important work was ‘A Piece of Manhattan Sky’. The installation was a tall, noise insulated tower close to Ground Zero. You’d enter and stare up at the sky above. The sky seemed so incredibly blue people thought it was a projection.
•I’m hoping to get permission to create a work on pl. Defilad this year. I want to get the public involved in a huge painting depicting heaven above Warsaw.
•Warsaw doesn’t have a huge deal of public art so I really like the palm tree. It’s become part of the city and gives the center energy.
•I’m not happy when my works are vandalized, but I understand that’s part of life. I remember when the Angels project first came about it was getting damaged every month. But slowly people have accepted it and come to care for it.


Quotes from the artist’s mouth from top:
“I wanted to take the paper boats of my childhood,” says Sulek, “and make them bigger before placing them in a different reality.”


“My work juxtaposes nature against artificiality.”

The Miasto Aniołów project presents a group of cheerful angels standing at the mouth of Ząbkowska. “They aren’t meant to be religious,” says Sulek, “they’re actually the guardian angels I once dreamt about when I was five.”angels

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