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Rafał Kołomański of storage experts Więcej Miejsca discusses the firm’s mission and philosophy… How would you introduce Więcej Miejsca? We take the ‘self’ out... In Store
In Store In Store

Rafał Kołomański of storage experts Więcej Miejsca discusses the firm’s mission and philosophy…

How would you introduce Więcej Miejsca?
We take the ‘self’ out of self-storage. Ours is a complete door to door service that’s stress and hassle free. We’ll deliver however many storage bins you need for your belongings and even pack them for you if that’s what you want. After all, we’re experts at it.

What are you able to store?
Anything from books, clothes, cutlery and kitchen appliances to larger items such as furniture and sports equipment. Smaller goods are stored in the extra-strong, waterproof bins we provide, while the bigger items are properly secured in protective material: basically, everything we take will be returned in exactly the same condition as it left you.

What innovations do you offer?
Every item we take is photographed and then cataloged along with a description. Every ‘bin’ and each bulky item has its unique bar code: people have a tendency to forget what they store, so this system allows customers to log into their account and check what we’re keeping for them in our warehouse. It’s like having a virtual closet.


How safe are my possessions?
Firstly, our bins are very solid: they’re not going to break easily. Secondly, they’re then secured with tamper-proof seals that have unique numbers: that gives you confidence that your box will not be opened during storage. Our warehouse is guarded 24/7 and is also equipped with CCTV. On top of that, warehouse access is limited only to our staff so only a few people even know where it is. I think it says a lot about our credibility that our biggest investor is Helene Zaleski who, until March 2016, was the chairwoman of the supervisory board of Alior Bank. In short, you can trust us.

Who are your clients?
People moving in or out of homes who find themselves caught short in terms of storage space. But we’re also used by people that are renovating their homes, as well as people with small living spaces: if you’ve got loads of winter or summer clothes and struggle to store them all, then we can help. We also deal with students, especially international ones who don’t want to fly back with loads of suitcases every time term finishes, not to mention a large number of ex-pats: in fact, so far we have had clients from approximately 25 countries.

But storage isn’t the only service you offer?
Not at all. We also deal with removals and can help individuals and companies. We handle both local and international moves, and only recently finished relocating people both to and from Paris and the U.K. Because we’re capable of both removals and storage we’re ultra-convenient: customers don’t need to head to a DIY store to buy tape and boxes, we’ll do everything for them. Likewise, we’ll supply bins and the relevant equipment for those that prefer to conduct their big move themselves.

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