Kawiarnia Kawałek Kawiarnia Kawałek

It’s the size you first notice – tiny is Kawałek. More like entering a friend’s living room, think of it as living proof that it’s not just the big things in life that get noticed in Wola. In a district that’s in the process of supersizing itself as Warsaw’s new business district, this neighborhood café offers a human touch in an area rapidly filling itself with glinting glass towers and gated compounds. The warmth of welcome aside, features of this charming bolt hole include coffee sourced from cult roasters as Rocket Bean, and a homemade machine knocking out nitro coffee that’s smoother than velvet. Seated around a small communal table, type your own ode to Wola on a typewriter first bought by the owner’s grandfather.

Kawiarnia Kawałek
ul. Łucka 18, facebook

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