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Drone Wars: Konrad Kotowski Drone Wars: Konrad Kotowski

Konrad Kotowski


How did you fall in love with drone photography?

I’ve always been interested in photography but never really had the courage to share my work. Things changed when I got bored during the pandemic – it was then I bought a drone and figured I might as well share my work with others.

How hard was it to learn to fly a drone?

I’d recommend doing what I did which is to train a little in non-urbanized areas. You need to feel comfortable with how your drone behaves and responds. The better you know your gear the more spectacular your shots will be.

We’re guessing this is all quite expensive?

Even the smallest ‘toys’ can cost two to three thousand zlotys. Semi-professional gear will set you back five to ten thousand, whilst the professional stuff can cost you as much as 30k!

Any heartbreaking crashes?

I was filming a car advert and wanted to get a close shot whilst flying under an arched bridge – yep, I hit it. Fortunately the drone didn’t turn into a broken pile of plastic but it does have a bruise on its backside!

How complex are the regulations governing drone flights?

There’s a lot, but they’re easy enough to learn – I learned pretty much everything over the course of a two-day lecture. We also have a useful smartphone app called DroneRadar that shows flight zones and restrictions.


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