Krowarzywa (Marszałkowska) Krowarzywa (Marszałkowska)

It is almost routine that when I work late and don’t feel like shopping for dinner that I go to Krowarzywa for a cieciorex veggie burger (chickpeas, parsley, pepper and herbs). After a day of frayed nerves having something wholesome and vegan is the trick to make me feel rejuvenated. If you’re unfamiliar with Krowarzywa, they’re the ones who inspired all the vegan restaurants popping up all over town. Founded in March 2013 by two friends, Krzysztof and Hubert, the aspiration was to create an affordable, healthy and ethical alternative to the fast-food in your typical chain. The public’s response has been tremendous, to the point where a second restaurant was required.
Seeing that I was at the new location, I decided to try something new – I used to love seitan tacos back in NYC, so figured the seitanex would be a good idea. As at their other place, there is a bit of a wait for their small bagel toaster to snap into action, something I found a little odd: they upgrade locations only to stick to the same small ovens that hamper the original. And God it can get hot. Fortunately, the Smufis is as good a way as any to cool down. It’s nothing to do with the Smurfs, rather a smoothie concoction incorporating orange, banana, ginger and parsley. It’s excellent, and I draw the same conclusions with the wheat meat seitanex. Which is when it dawns on me: as I sit watching a long-boarding squatter-type pulling bean sprouts from his teeth I realize that Krowarzywa don’t need air-con and a huge oven, that their message of environmental responsibility goes beyond just their food. Or maybe I’m wrong. Either way I still believe they think outside the bun..

ul. Marszałkowska 27/35,

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