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The moment I entered, I knew I would love it: a hasty opinion steadily reinforced by my lush experience. The idea for La LUSH is said to have been born in a certain park in Warsaw, the Dolina Szwajcarska. And it appears that the founders used the many qualities of this charming park as guidance – delightful, but inconspicuous and sure to become a favorite once found. La LUSH, with its bright interiors and scrumptious (nb: tells me it’s even a synonym for ‘lush’) smells of coffee and fresh bread, and is tucked away between pl. Teatralny and pl. Bankowy – so an ideal stop during a May walk around Warsaw’s loveliest area. Here, emphasis is placed on the best products – something which may give La LUSH an edge over your typical café. They may not bake their bread themselves but it is sourced very locally, from Vincent. Yes, that tiny space on Nowy Świat where you probably were never able to grab a seat and had to savor their bread standing. Needless to say, their bread-based fare is lovely; I personally loved the 4-cheese grilled sandwich. Marmalades are hand-made, and for sale too, and coffee beans roasted just for them. This café is not only hungry-adult-friendly but also welcomes (small) pets and children, providing the latter with smoothies either in yellow (banana) or pink (strawberry). Not many cafés tend to think of their non-coffee-drinking guests. Open from 8 a.m until 6 p.m., it closes early by Warsaw’s standards, but the times prove quite sufficient considering the menu, which is more appropriate for a French-style breakfast or lunch. And this can be had either at the communal table or a solitary one, with a views of young artists’ paintings on the walls or the National Opera outside. If you happen to live in the area or are in a hurry, grab a pastry and the coffee to go. But you might as well savor the bread from Vincent sitting down. (KK)

ul. Senatorska 24

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