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Laflaf Laflaf

It’s been statistically proven that if you can get 50 locals liking something, the rest of Warsaw will like it as well – at least for the summer. As a feeble slave to trends, the latest culinary wave to wash over Warsaw is hummus, with the fad threatening to submerge the city much the same way burgers did in 2012 and food trucks the year after.

Once exclusive to a smattering of Middle Eastern restaurants, the global love affair with the chickpea dip breached the Polish capital this summer, and has so far seen numerous little outlets spring up across hipster frontlines such as Powiśle and Poznańska. But this trend is not just exclusive to those with bushy beards and silly trousers, and Laflaf proves this.

A small place, Laflaf look and feels like a neighborhood haunt: locals buzzing in and out, while management hold court by the entrance. Having picked from a blackboard menu, I am served the ‘falafel box’ and a small portion of Belgian fries. The pita is puffy, pillowy and piping hot, and the falafel light, crunchy and filled with herby goodness. Of the dips, the salsa is a litter watery for my liking and lacking the usual sprightly muddle of flavors. But the hummus is spot on and almost creamy in texture. And at zł. 18 it’s a hefty serving alright. Don’t forget the frites, either – they’re every bit as good as any of the food stands about town. If they added a few more dips for these, then I’d be back even more.

As a quickie, cheap lunch stop, Laflaf is hard to better. There’s been a rash of Middle Eastern spots in the last few months, but this one is more notable than most. Visit now, because by the end of August the rest of Warsaw will be eating hummus as well.

(Words & Photos: AW)

Laflaf ul. Marszałkowska 68/70, facebook

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