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In an industry still largely defined by its perils, pitfalls and general complexities, negotiating the real estate minefield has just become a whole lot... Let It Be
Let It Be Let It Be

In an industry still largely defined by its perils, pitfalls and general complexities, negotiating the real estate minefield has just become a whole lot easier: step forward Hamilton May.

Established ten years ago in Kraków, Hamilton May have forged a reputation built on solid values of service. Aimed at a discerning client base, their entry into the Warsaw market is not to be filed alongside the many other realtors present in the city. “We’re not just another real estate company,” says Robert Watkins, the British founder of the firm, “we’re something a little more exclusive.”

Dealing with high-end, prestigious properties, in their three months in the capital Hamilton May have replicated what they have achieved in Kraków and applied it to Warsaw. Principally focused on residential lettings and property management, this means providing easy, no fuss solutions to your property problems. “We’re for people who value convenience,” says Robert, “in Poland most people still prefer to manage their own property without realizing that an agent can not only get them a better price but also save them considerable time.” For those with tight schedules or overseas commitments Hamilton May’s intimate knowledge of the market is music to the ears.  

But in building their online portfolio (500 properties in Kraków, 150 in Warsaw with that figure due to rise to 500 next year), Hamilton May have not opted to follow a simple path. The properties are carefully selected to reflect their clients wants and needs. “We don’t just cover any district,” says Robert, “we took a map and picked out areas that are more desirable to live in if you’re a professional.”

“We like properties with attention to detail,” continues Robert, which means modern facilities (porter, underground parking, etc.), transport links, furnished homes, and good security. But while some of Hamilton May’s competitors can also tout such criteria, none come close to offering the same level of branding and marketing. For those letting properties that means such services as professional photography, as opposed to sending an agent to snap a wonky picture on his smart phone.

This Western-style philosophy has been key to Hamilton May’s success, and an indicator of their meticulous nature. With a client base that’s split evenly between ex-pats and professional Poles, keeping these groups happy has been a core element of their ideology, alongside their dedication to streamlining the entire sales and rental process. “We’ll ensure the property is seen by the right people,” promises Robert, “we’re trying to change the very perception of agents: we won’t show a client what we want them to see, we’ll show them what they want to see.” And yes, there’s plenty of that online at: www.property-warsaw.com

Hamilton May

Warsaw Financial Centre, 11th floor
ul. Emilii Plater 53

Tel. (+48) 22 428 16 15


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