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Looking Forward Looking Forward

There are few better platforms showcasing Polish creativity than the Futuwawa website (futuwawa.pl). We bring you more cracking entries from their recent competition to find a new look for Warsaw…

Urban Bow Tie by Michał Kowaski & Aleksandra Kaszubska

The aim of this mobile mini-pavilion is to lend new life to disused public spaces, and to turn them into ‘elegant urban lounges’. Fulfilling ‘a pro-social function’, Urban Bow Tie utilizes elements and themes of eco-design and inner city regeneration.

Bankowy Square Revisited by Edward Dylawerski

“Despite the importance of Pl. Bankowy it remains a tarmac desert punctuated by bus and tram stops. The aim of the design is to give the space back to the pedestrian while reshaping the square. The proposal assumes underground work in order to create parking and a car tunnel underneath to link Marszałkowska with Andersa.” Edward Dylawerski

Wyciąg_Anię by Tomasz Rychlewski

Each winter Warsaw grinds to a halt with the onset of snow. Tomasz Rychlewski’s idea for an overhead ski lift operating behind Marszałkowska envisions an end to city center traffic jams while also giving a mountain holiday twist to the capital! It’d be cheap to implement, adds Rychlewski, and also great fun!

The Bionic Building – ul. Towarowa / Prosta by Marcin Gromczewski

“I wanted to create something new for Warsaw, but in reality this building could be anywhere – to design it I’ve used algorithmic definitions, which have helped shape my ideas in a clear way and translate them into architectural language. I like using new things, trying new ways, but only when the situation demands it.” Marcin Gromczewski 

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