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Always pretty, but always pretty boring, Lwowska street is finally having its day thanks to a rash of recent openings that have handed it... Lwowska: The Next Big Thing?
Lwowska: The Next Big Thing? Lwowska: The Next Big Thing?

Always pretty, but always pretty boring, Lwowska street is finally having its day thanks to a rash of recent openings that have handed it new life. Could this yet become ‘the new Poznańska’?

Beer Station Centrum

Lwowska 17

A proper pub whose international audience is dominated by exiled Belarussians and Ukrainians – the pre-Lukashenko flag and yellow-and-blue banner posed behind the bar should tell you all about what side the Belarussian owners support.

Traipsing down a plunging set of stairs, visitors reach a cave-like space whose warm brick skin can just about be discerned amid the darkness and shouts. Often rowdy and raucous but in a way that’s hugely friendly, nights here get loud and messy with both guys and girls hellbent on merriment.

Drinks-wise, the choice involves mainstream Czech and German imports, as well as Polish craft weirdness and guest swigs from Poland’s eastern borderlands.

Cophi II

Lwowska 2A

Already established on Hoża as one of Warsaw’s favorite sources of specialty coffee, Cophi have cast their net a little further (and we mean a little – as in 500 meters or so) to cover Lwowska.

And what a gem it is: personally designed by Uri, the owner, find a bijou space lavished in shades of candy cotton pink and rich, forest green; finished with a healthy, heavy dose of fresh wood, poster art and patterned floor tiles, this nook is made all the better by the presence of a limited edition Conti Monaco coffee machine.

Ganon Ramen Bar

Lwowska 9

Subway tiles and concrete colors dominate this locale, and despite the slightly bare aesthetics its tiny size generates an atmosphere of warm, neighborly intimacy.

Clearly ramen is the big seller here, and choices number a spicy pork tonkotsu served with a peeled tomato and an Insta-friendly vegan winner featuring mushrooms, asparagus and celery chips in a frothy broth of Jerusalem artichokes and mushrooms.

What else? For people that don’t enjoy slurping in public, instead order the gyoza dumplings or the pillowy soft bao bun with bacon. The little details here are great, and we include the Hata carbonated soft drinks that open with a pop.

Lovage Bistro

Lwowska 9

Seemingly run by a mega friendly team of young Ukrainians, Lovage does indeed have much to love.

Squirreled down a short set of steps, find yourself inside a tiny little cavern filled with pre-war floors, bare bulbs and exposed brickwork. Small but perfectly formed, food is Spanish accented and revolves around tapas dishes as well as a trio of paellas and some commendable ribs. Cocktails are cheap by Warsaw standards and don’t climb over 20, while other tipples include Lagosta ice wine and the sweet and fruity Pomegrigio.

Above all though, it is the atmosphere you’ll love the most – this place is designed to turn your day around and send you home feeling good with the world.  

Miss Banh Mi

Lwowska 9

Former model Nina learned from the best: her parents. Harnessing the family’s secret recipes, she’s used these to her advantage to carve a name as one Warsaw’s street food legends.

First catching our eye at the seasonal Nocny Market, she’s transferred those tastes to this bricks-and-mortar joint. Glowing warmly from the outside, step inside this small, steamy unit to order banh mi served on her freshly-baked homemade bread. Our fave: the pulled chicken with lime leaves.

Boasting an after-taste that can be called ‘distinct’, coffee with egg is Nina’s secret hack for the perfect experience.

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