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We’ve already sang the praises of Ave Pizza on these pages, but what about Mąka i Woda? After all, it was these guys who... Mąka i Woda
Mąka i Woda Mąka i Woda

We’ve already sang the praises of Ave Pizza on these pages, but what about Mąka i Woda? After all, it was these guys who really started the ball rolling and demonstrated to Warsaw there’s more to pizza than the high street dial-a-garbage…Time to give them a second look, therefore.

No. of Pizzas: Six rosse and five bianche – which is a relief. For old time’s sake we visited Non Solo over summer and got bored of counting after reaching fifty. It’s not a numbers competition

Venue: A cool courtyard location with a vibe that immediately engages. The raised open kitchen takes center stage, and rightly so – watching the action can really add to the pizza experience. Is there a complaint? Oh yes. Aware of demand the owners have stacked as many seats as possible in here, leading to uncomfortably close encounters with the table next door. Leave personal space issues at the door.

Crowd: Yes, lots. This place was one of the hits of 2013, and as such we’ve yet to hear of too many quiet nights. For the most part the crowd is hip young cats, young professionals and walking success stories. Don’t be surprised to find a few celebs converging here for their casual dining, either. We’re told the savior and saint of Polish gastronomy – Wojciech Amaro – has been spotted with his family.

The Pizza: Is love at first bite. We ordered margherita, the benchmark of any pizzeria – it sounds a boring choice, but done right it’s anything but a pedestrian pick. Epicurious.com suggests that the secret to the perfect margherita is to, “use the best ingredients you can find – and to approach them with restraint.” I concur, and this is just what Mąka i Woda have done. Only, actually, they couldn’t find much in Poland, which explains why they’ve imported so much from Italy: from San Marzano tomatoes to Caputo flour. There are no shortcuts, and that’s evidenced by a hulking wood-fired Stefano Ferraro oven shipped in from Naples. The tastes are tremendous. Magic!

The Rest: It’s not just pizza. A nice smattering of antipasti and pasta make up the rest of the menu, with the ravioli con uovo we ordered ticking all the right boxes. Complete with an oozing yolk and a long, luxurious finish, this was a dish that made a mockery of the zł. 18 price tag.

Prices: For the pizzas you’re looking at high 20s to early 30s, with other dishes slotted in between 20 and 30. Basically, that’s a brilliat deal – crikey, it’s cheaper than Domino’s and other high street joints… 

Overall: Thoroughly enjoyable and completely recommended. Many declare this their favorite pizza in town, and it’s definitely a contender. Expect a very healthy rivalry with our other fave, Ave Pizza, developing over the coming year.  

Mąka i Woda ul. Chmielna 13A, facebook

(Photos from Facebook) 

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