Having enjoyed numerous short and not-so-short residences in various locations around the city, Warsaw’s much-loved Park Miniatur is back in business, this time at a new location bang in the heart of the city center.

Miniature Park Returns! Miniature Park Returns!

Settling for a three-year lease on the corner of Świętokrzyska and Marszałkowska, this remarkable labor of love presents a range of meticulously detailed 1:25 scale models of some of the most glorious buildings.

Showcasing the lost architectural gems that once dazzled the city, visitors can once again get up close to such treasures as the Saski Palace, the wooden Summer Theater that once stood in Saski Gardens, the Great Synagogue demolished after the Jewish Ghetto Uprising and, even, the city’s first shopping center.

Designed to withstand all weather conditions, the devil is in the detail. Each building takes the team of historians, architects and 3D printings boffins months to create with the bulk of the time taken by painstaking background research.

With each model typically weighing 100 to 120 kilograms, and built from the same material used in Lego bricks, the attention to detail is staggering; even the roofs are made from genuine roofing material such as copper.

An extraordinary glimpse into the past, their return hasn’t come a moment to soon.

Park Miniatur
Corner of Świętokrzyska and Marszałkowska
Open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

(Photos: Ed Wight)

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