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Snuggled in a quiet corner of Mokotów, Muppetshop reveals itself slowly and discreetly: not here the riot of baubles and plastic and Made in... Muppetshop
Muppetshop Muppetshop

Snuggled in a quiet corner of Mokotów, Muppetshop reveals itself slowly and discreetly: not here the riot of baubles and plastic and Made in China trinkets, instead, this is a store with style.

Billed as a concept store for the young – both in age and spirit – it has emerged as something of an insider secret and must-know address. Put simply, it is unique to Warsaw, something mirrored not just by their portfolio but the personalized level of service – customers aren’t considered as clients, but as guests, something that becomes clear over a cup of tea or coffee with the multi-lingual staff.

With a focus on interiors (amongst them full projects), Muppetshop offers a complete layette program for expecting parents, and design / lifestyle solutions that cover such bases as the ‘baby stage’ to the first-owned apartment. What unifies it all is a philosophy founded on pillars of quality, functionality and design.

“I want expecting parents to know that just because they are having a baby, there’s no need to change their lifestyle – their home can still look beautiful.” So says Ewelina, the proprietor of Muppetshop and a young mother herself. “You don’t have to revert to pink, plastic stuff,” she says, “or products that are childish and will age.” And that’s another thing about the Muppetshop: its sense of timelessness…

Value is placed on objects that are ‘never ageing, everlasting’, in short, products that won’t be outgrown by your child and obsolete within two years. Aiding this mission is a handpicked selection of top international brands such as Quax, Lodger, Chispum, Shnuggle, Collegien, Jielde and Gubi – and even more are in the process of being added, reflecting both shifts in trends and Muppet’s commitment to broadening their offer.

Seasonality also plays its part in this, with Muppetshop tailoring their offer to reflect the calendar: clearly, with Santa dusting off his sled, that means an array of unique, Xmas-appropriate gifts appearing on the shelves.

Covering everything right the way down to buggies, clothing, toys, books and kitchenware, the sheer wealth of their catalogue ensures parents won’t need to be flicking through fifty different websites to fulfil their shop-list. This is the one-stop answer; there is no need to involve anyone else.

It is, however, the sense of ‘long termism’ that lingers. And this is something that goes beyond the mere products. “Through them,” says Ewelina, “we want to instill good taste in children. We want to give something in terms of their development and education.” This appears to have been accomplished.


ul. Kazimierzowska 43, tel. 532 689 212, open Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00; Sat 10:00-15:00,

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