Museum of Life Under Communism Museum of Life Under Communism

Moving to new, more central premises at the start of the year, this fascinating portal into times gone by offers a deeply personal insight into the former system by allowing visitors to view what Communism meant to the everyday person.

Here, rifle and rummage through a room mocked-up to resemble a typical household apartment, watch propaganda films, peer inside a phone box, paw at vintage keep-fit gear or covet the ladies fashions of the time. Detailed in its captions, witty in its presentation and comprehensive in its content, it is a place where normal items such as aftershave bottles, postcards, clothing and crude household appliances are allowed to shine on a totem and tell their own story.

A haven of trinkets and collectibles, it is inside this phenomenal museum that an understanding is gained of what life was once like – and when you’re done, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the times by retreating to their historically inspired café to order coffee made using a 50-year-old machine.

With a slice of classic W-Z cake in hand, soak in the views of Socialist Realist MDM square below: ladies and gentlemen, your trip in time is now complete. 

Museum of Life Under Communism

ul. Piękna 28/34,

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