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Formerly demonized for its brutally dehumanizing architecture and Orwellian atmosphere, Andersa street has evolved to become something of a micro scene that’s rich in... Neighborhood Watch: Andersa
Neighborhood Watch: Andersa Neighborhood Watch: Andersa

Formerly demonized for its brutally dehumanizing architecture and Orwellian atmosphere, Andersa street has evolved to become something of a micro scene that’s rich in hip haunts and happening stores. That’s thanks in no small part to these nine neighborhood legends…

Fat White
Andersa 6
Attached to one of the hippest, most Instagram-able barber shops in town, highlights of this adjoining cafe include a rocking cold brew, wickedly friendly staff and a half-mad collection of toy action figures (from Simpson models to a bad ass Al Pacino in full Scarface mode!). Tiny in its footprint, what it lacks in size it makes up for in heart: find a beauty of an interior that’s all swan white colors with walls graced by bookshelves and contemporary art that references Muranów’s past – just being here is a joy!

Kur & Wino
Andersa 21
It’s hard to fault a concept when it’s executed this well. In this case, that means chicken from Podlasie and guineafowl from Wielkopolska cooked rotisserie-style and then served either whole or halved on wooden trays with an array of homemade sauces that include sweet plum, spicy mango and Sriracha. Sure, you could call it street food, but doing so underestimates the level of love and attention awarded to the product. That you’ll be enjoying it in a cool, funky backdrop makes it all the better: outside, sit amid crates filled with palms, inside, among funky-style furnishings that pair well with the PRL look of this high-ceilinged chamber.

Radio Telewizja
Andersa 29
It’s often said that the internet killed the bookshop; while there’s an element of truth to that, the bare facts haven’t stopped a number of romantics from plugging away and placing their faith in paper. Although their name suggests otherwise, Radio Telewizja are part of this shrinking band of stores that persist with the printed word, and the way they do so deserves an ovation. Tinctured with a retro atmosphere, it’s a place to pop in for a coffee, catchup on local news and gossip and browse through an extraordinary offer of quirky reading material that specializes in local art and architecture and recent(ish) history.

Andersa 37
Although it looks rather budget-minded, Roszki have won hearts for an offer that’s especially strong on chocolate-based ice creams. The chocolate habanero comes with a fiery twist and a fan club that extends beyond Muranów’s geographic borders though big points are also scored for fruity forays such as those provided by their blackcurrant and mango lassi options.

Craft Beer Muranów
Andersa 23
Humble and unpretentious, CBM’s rising stock has been reflected by their growing reputation as one of the finest tap bars with a suburban postcode. Split over two levels, as basic as the aesthetic is (screechy chairs and some murals that reference the brewing process), it’s an atmosphere that feels warm and clattery and like a local pub should. Deserving credit for their consistency (a dodgy pint is totally unheard of), look to CBM’s sixteen taps for renegade beers that push frontiers.

ul. Andersa 22
The seeming simplicity of the design belies its striking beauty: like strange, alien planets, spherical lights dangle from the tall ceilings casting the concrete colored interiors in a pinkish-amber glow that feels tastefully restrained. Food-wise, you’ll enjoy it. A zillion steps beyond what you’d expect from a neighborhood pizzeria, find wonderful leopard-spotted pizzas that are by far the best in this chunk of Warsaw. Actually, if they carry on at this pace they could stand to become our favorite in town.

Dobrze Co-op
Andersa 27
The Dobrze Food Co-op aims to ‘widen access to healthy, seasonal food’ while also supporting sustainable agriculture. Founded in summer, 2014, the project collaborates with over 20 farms and local businesses and sells fresh vegetables and fruit alongside cereals, dried goods and other bits and pieces.

Andersa 6
Complete with a red and white stripey pole outside, everything about this barber emporium is cool and considered. Though larger than many of their competitors, the reason for their size becomes absolutely clear cut – such is their popularity, they need every square inch. Hailed by many as the city’s premier male grooming experience, give your hair and whiskers some TLC courtesy of their team of tattooed experts.

Bar Gdanski
Andersa 33
First opened some time in the 50s, Gdanski served the local community right up until 2017 – closed that spring, what happened next was an energetic refit to give the ageing space a new lease of life. Gone are the plastic plants, putrid smells and that slow feeling of death, replaced instead by a fresher look in keeping with the times. Despite this, the historic core of this milk bar has been retained including the daffodil colors and original floor tiles. Cheap and cheerful, Muranów would never feel the same without the presence of Bar Gdański.

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