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Mięsny  ul. Walecznych 64 This butcher / deli / bistro is arguably the principal reason foodies visit Saska and its popularity hasn’t waned since... Neighborhood Watch: The Best of Saska Kępa

Alleviating the frustration of lockdown, Saska Kępa’s diverse F&B scene is reflected by the richness of its offer. Away from traditional, cult hits such as Efes and Renesans, the Insider picks out the diamond dozen you all need to know!

Neighborhood Watch: The Best of Saska Kępa Neighborhood Watch: The Best of Saska Kępa

ul. Walecznych 64
This butcher / deli / bistro is arguably the principal reason foodies visit Saska and its popularity hasn’t waned since the lockdown. From the counter, order such goodies as pastrami, roast beef, porchetta, regional hams and locally produced pates, while from the menu, enjoy a slimmed down take-out offer of meaty joys dominated by burgers and steak.

Despite its casual vibe and suburban setting, the quality of meat underlines why many rate this as one of their favorite dinner destinations; even during these takeaway times, it acts as a culinary beacon for the rest of the city to admire.

Mr. Greek 
ul. Londyńska 16
With a smart navy blue exterior festooned with pot plants, this tiny townhouse is just cute enough to kiss.

The homespun warmth of this place translates to the menu: a simple but outstanding work of fluffy pitas wrapped around freshly grilled chicken; skewers of pork; piping hot slices of moussaka, etc. Warsaw has enjoyed good Greek food before, but now it can offer something even better. A family-run passion project, it’s places like this that make Saska better.

Tel Aviv 
ul. Zwycięzców 21
Even as confirmed carnivores, the Insider has to admit that Saska’s vegan options are really quite something.

Adding oomph to that statement are Tel Aviv, a place that’s won our hearts for their meat-free gyros, piping hot pitta, spicy pickles, Middle Eastern salads and a damned addictive seitan burger.

Doing their bit for community spirit, they’ve even had a couple of balcony concerts that have been quite magic to watch.

Stara Lodziarnia 
ul. Francuska 48
This hidden little treasure has emerged as our early contender as our favorite ice cream of 2020! Interesting variations such as coconut & blackberry are well received, but it’s the basics that are truly exceptional: no-one does strawberry better!

Made outside of Warsaw by the owner’s parents, the scoops here speak of a true labor of love. But beyond that, visit this super-friendly spot for donuts, fresh bread and an array of bio products.

ul. Elsterska 10
Squirreled down a side street, this In The Know treasure fills a dual role as a hip vinyl store selling collectors classics and specialty coffee from some of Europe’s best roasters.

You’ll have to forego the vinyl for now, and instead have to make do with having your coffee kick passed through a barred window – it’s most certainly something special.

Nitro Lody 
ul. Zwycięzców 11
Frozen with liquid nitrogen, just watching the ice cream making process is enough to make customers feel like they’re part of Dexter’s Laboratory. Smoother than a pane of glass, the result sees super creamy classic tastes jazzed up with sprinkles of Lion bar, Gummi Bears and other such sweetness. Of the combos to watch for, nothing tops the raspberry & white chocolate.

Francuska 30 
ul. Francuska 30
Recognized a mile off for the colorful umbrellas that dangle over their wooden terrace, step inside to order specialty coffee through a plexiglass shield.

As much as the coffee is a hit, you’ll find also a smattering of craft beers to take home with ya’, and a line of brilliant kombuchas from the Brothers & Sisters brand.

Dr. Beer 
Rondo Waszyngtona
Without making light of the work undertaken by the frontline heroes working in the healthcare sector, there’s another doctor that also deserves your applause.

Set in the grimy, steamy tunnel running below Rondo Waszygtona, find Dr. Beer, a hole-in-the-wall booze shop dealing with all things craft.

Despite the small dimensions, it packs a punch with a diverse shelf offer and six taps pouring a revolving roster of brewery-fresh beers from Poland’s most innovative producers.

Budka z Lodami
ul. Francuska 30
Before Covid-19, on sunny weekends you’d have found Saska’s longest queues building up outside this simple, street-side cabin.

With social distancing now ‘a thing’, those queues are likely to get even bigger! Everyone (including the Insider’s dog) agrees they’re worth the time, not least for their lashings of frozen yogurt drizzled with freshly chopped fruits.

Vegan Ramen Shop
ul. Finlandzka 12A
Prior to opening the management traveled Asia to track down the best ramen joints before heading back to Poland and trying to ‘veganize’ what they saw. Woah. These complex bowls of restorative goodness have been described as ‘world class’ by the HappyCow wensite, and we’re happy to concur.

ul. Angorska
We’ve always loved Deseo, not least for their range of alluring deserts that gleam like jewels (top tip: In Azia, a mango-passionfruit thingy with a soft, delicious center).

When temperatures rise, make time also for their ice cream (our fave: their killer combo of strawberry & mint).

ul. Jakubowska 16
Set inside a masterpiece of modernist architectural design this townhouse feels intriguing and discreet, its crowning glory provided by an all-year greenhouse cluttered with herbs and pot plants. The super cool, avant-garde interior is out-of-bounds, but the menu continues to get it right on account of adventurous vegan choices that include kimchi dumplings and Malaysian laksas.

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