New Mobile App will ease your daily commute in Warsaw New Mobile App will ease your daily commute in Warsaw
The new gadget called Virtualna Warszawa (Virtual Warsaw) connects innovative functions and is designed to help you stay more organized, and save time on city transport.
by Małgosia KRAKOWSKA

Virtualna Warszawa is said to revolutionize daily commuting in Warsaw. The idea of the new mobile app came from the Warsaw Department of Transportation. Deputy President Michał Olszewski explains that the app is set to provide real-time public traffic information, help you streamline your route and provide detailed maps. In contrast to popular app, Virtualna Warszawa is tailored to the needs of people with disabilities, especially for people with any kind of visual impairment. “It will help them get around via voice commands and will create an audio read-out of the route.”

Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw, expressed hope that Virtual Warsaw would be the guide of the future for Warsaw. “It would be great if the system connecting citizens as well visitors would be implemented in other cities,” said Mrs Gronkiewicz-Waltz.

The app’s operating system is based on ultrasonic beacons. The technology is already in use on the 185 line. City Hall plans to install more than 400,000 beacons in all areas of Warsaw. The system will be implemented in public offices, public transportation and cultural spots.

The idea of Virtual Warsaw was initiated by Warsaw Municipality and submitted to the Bloomberg Mayors Challenge Competition. Beacons venture was chosen from 500 ideas across the US and Europe and received over $1.25 million in funds. Virtualna Warszawa should be launched later this year.


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