New Mural in Warsaw by Tytus Brzozowski New Mural in Warsaw by Tytus Brzozowski

Dream In Color

Surrealist painter Tytus Brzozowski wows Warsaw with his enthralling art…

Adding to his expanding portfolio of outdoor murals, artist Tytus Brzozowski returned to the headlines at the end of May after his latest project was unveiled spanning the flank of the office block housing the city’s Municipal Roads Authority. Eighteen-meters in height, his most recent effort features a floating city set on wheels, with further bizarre elements including tumbling dice and citizens drifting down from the sky with umbrellas in their hands.

Inter-laced with local landmarks – both past and present – the dreamlike work offers a richly illustrated chronology of the town’s architecture, whilst simultaneously showcasing the dynamic face of the Polish capital. “I wanted to reflect the fast-developing nature of Warsaw,” says Brzozowski, “and present a city that’s fun and full of people. The wheels, meanwhile, are symbolic of the capital’s mobility, and the choice of buildings show the different layers of Warsaw’s architecture.”

Having previously gone viral with his enchanting oil paintings of Warsaw (and beyond), the globally recognized artist has found himself branching out into large-format wall art: last year saw the debut of XL projects in the Praga Południe and Wola districts. “The murals aren’t my main focus,” he says, “but they do work together with my other art. The more people that become familiar with my work as a painter, the more people want a mural by me. On the other hand, the more murals I produce, the stronger my artistic trademark becomes.” To view his latest attention-grabber, visit ul. Chmielna 120. 

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