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Heard of a food market that opens only at night? This late night food market in Warsaw is the city’s coolest spot to satisfy... Nighttime Food Market in Warsaw
Nighttime Food Market in Warsaw Nighttime Food Market in Warsaw

Heard of a food market that opens only at night? This late night food market in Warsaw is the city’s coolest spot to satisfy that nighttime food craving!

Over the last decade Warsaw’s gastro scene experienced several watershed moments, some bigger than others: from the country’s first Michelin star (Atelier Amaro, gone but not forgotten!), to the opening of Hala Koszyki, a string of events have transformed the way we eat, drink, rest and play.

But bundled among the biggies, the launch of Nocny Market should also be considered. This nighttime food market launched in Warsaw in 2016 becoming something of a game-changer at the time. Bringing together dozens of street food vendors, to form a patchwork of uber cool traders and hip little stands, it was like nothing Poland had seen before.

To this day, despite repeated annual warnings that “this summer will be the last”, Nocny Market thrives. Why’s that, you may ask. The answer lies in its location. Set on a disheveled, disused train platform, the last few years have been filled with speculation that the state railway company would finally renovate this lost piece of real estate to fulfil its original function.

Whether or not that ever happens, we’re none the wiser, but as it stands Nocny Market have continued to prove themselves a vital part of the city’s social fabric – and a tasty one too.

Underpinning it all, the food is a draw, with the stalls and units offering Vietnamese baguettes as served by Miss Banh Mi (a former model, no less!), deliciously stinky raclette from Melted, skewered meats from Brasil on the Plate, and inventive fishy dishes from Śledzie z Bornholmu.

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Those are a few of the more eye-catching ventures. Yet there’s also much more! Fancy, super-lux eclairs from Am’or, vegan burritos from the legendary Momencik and burgers cooked over fire from Bydło i Powidło. To wash these down we recommend joining the queue at the Inne Beczki beer bus, or scrum it out at one of the stationary bars flinging out quick-fix summer cocktails for the masses out in front.

More than just an ultra-edgy collection of ethnic cook spots, Nocny Market is loved mostly for its atmosphere. Walking down a dark, recobbled pathway, the sensation is almost reminiscent of attending a festival. Passing street art to join the human wave that washes as one towards the din up ahead. Upon arrival one is greeted by the sight of dozens of neon signs hanging off iron girders creating a stunning visual display.

Looking a little smarter than in its first years of life, the raw and gritty undercurrent has remained in place. Nudged further along by the big beats from the DJ decks and general sense of good-humored commotion. A food market full of noise and clamor, it’s impossible not to feel hooked on the energy that abounds.

And, to top it all off, permanent mementos can be found courtesy of the maverick sock stand run by Kabak! Also, we cannot forget the pop-up tattoo parlor that sits at the end. As good as it ever was, one can’t help but wonder how globally renowned Nocny Market would be were it in a higher-profile city such as Berlin or Barca – yes, on the right night, it really does feel that truly bit special.

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Nocny Market

ul. Towarowa 3 (Warszawa Główna)


Thurs 5 p.m. till midnight

Fri & Sat 5 p.m. till 1 a.m.

Sun 4 p.m. till 11 p.m.

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