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I love IKEA, I think everyone does, apart from those who hate having to build their own wardrobe. Sometimes though, you want to own something that’s a little more unique. Noon/noon is the perfect place to find that something special, and at a fairly reasonable price, but what marks it as truly original is that it’s well-balanced as a coffee bar / showroom where you can interact and experience the functionality and quality of the furniture first hand. It really makes a difference to take a test drive in a chair while having a coffee and checking your email in a comfortable environment. After a while, you think differently about furniture design and get to know more about what goes into it. The space is also a very good alternative to hosting work meetings, and a stimulating change from the office fish bowl environment. good fake id site Could this concept yet become a trend to be aped around town?

ul. Pańska 98 (enter from ul. Prosta), tel. 790 028 616, open Mon-Fri 9:00-20:00; Sat 10:30-14:30,

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