Notes: Atelier Amaro Notes: Atelier Amaro

Ever since opening in 2012, Atelier Amaro has come to be regarded as a point of pilgrimage to which diners flock to worship at the table of Wojciech Amaro. This is not an exaggeration. Awarded what was then Poland’s first Michelin star in 2013, Atelier has grown to become more than a mere restaurant, but the spiritual home of ‘new Polish cuisine’ – a place of precision and perfection, this much-storied venue has lost none of its extraordinary ability to surprise and woo.

So, from the top, and here’s how Week 44 looked like in Amaro’s ‘calendar of nature’…

Moment 1: sea trout / rowanberry / bee pollen. Dainty, delicate, delightful!

Moment 2: fermented cabbage soup / wild strawberry / salsify. Deep, luxurious.

Moment 3: saffron milk cap / milk / kale. Exquisite.

Moment 4: catfish / celeraic / crosne

Moment 5: roe deer / red cabbage / black trumpet mushroom. The highlight!

Interlude: sea buckthorn sorbet – OMG!

Moment 6: eggplant / elderberrry / halva. How a dessert featuring eggplant as its core ingredient works I have no idea – but it does. Exceptional.

Final: and then a gift from the chef. No memory what this was, other than bloody great…

This was the Insider’s eighth visit to Atelier Amaro, and in all honesty, arguably its favorite – consider Amaro not just every bit as good as before, but actually even better!

Atelier Amaro
ul. Agrykola 1,

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