Notes: Koszyki Street Food Market Notes: Koszyki Street Food Market

As far as Hala Koszyki goes, I belong to the camp that views it as a bit of a missed opportunity. Pitted against the great markets of Europe, you see it for what it is: too polished, too sanitized and, frankly, too mainstream. For all that, the last couple of weeks have forced me to reassess that opinion, thanks largely to the unveiling of their new street food section at the back.

Taking the place of their half-hearted version of a farmers’ market, discover a lively little area now turned-over to street food. Perfectly formed, it’s a narrow strip of units retailing everything from vegan kebabs courtesy of Keboom (and wow!), to Korean noodles and boutique ice cream, there’s something here that you recognize for greatness.

Certainly, you get the idea their hand has been forced by the likes of Nocny Market and Hala Gwardii, but it would be wrong to view it merely as an imitation. Brilliant in its own right, there’s something here that feels ultimately well-worked.

Full of clatter and life, it’s more in line with what I expected when Koszyki first opened. Further, it’s an indication of that Koszyki are listening to the market and adjusting themselves to it – and for that, fair play! More of the same, please, for this could yet become one of the truly fab innovations of the year.

Hala Koszyki
ul. Koszykowa 63

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