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As extraordinary as it is eccentric, MOD is not your conventional restaurant. An odd meeting of ideas, it combines the work of three people (Kamila, Patrycja and Trisno) who between them have created a space that houses both a donut store and restaurant.

It sounds a little dissonant, but lord it works. Chef Trisno’s menu sets his French culinary training (his bio includes serving time in Le Gavroche) against his Singaporean upbringing. The outcome is a card (actually, a printed sheet of paper) that makes for dangerously enjoyable reading: on the occasion of this latest visit, that meant a main of Angus beef rump steak served on a bed of tahini mashed potatoes and a big wallop of chili and fig relish.

And dessert, a white chocolate parfait with cardamom and pear granita – taken on their own, the elements don’t seem to work, but whacked together and they come alive to create a dessert that’s sweet and more-ish yet also markedly adult.

Brilliant, actually, and even better when enjoyed with one of their house cocktails.

Adding to the sense of wonder, find a cool interior featuring a retro mirrored wall, plants hanging upside down from the ceiling and busy tables filled with people looking like they write for Vice. A true Warsaw legend.

ul. Oleandrów 8

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