Notes: Mr. Greek Souvlaki Notes: Mr. Greek Souvlaki

With Warsaw’s ethnic options branching into increasingly diverse directions, there have been times when more familiar cuisines have often felt forgotten. Take Greek, for instance, a sector that appears to have floundered and flatlined since its heyday many moons back. The balance, however, stands to be redressed, and all thanks to a neighborhood locale on the fringes of Saska Kępa.

The Place: occupying a gorgeous townhouse on a leafy back street, Mr. Greek Souvlaki looks deliciously enticing with its cute, pocket-size dimensions, cascading plants and navy blue colors. The front terrace is a gem, but so too are the interiors – smart but casual and bubbling with warmth, it’s a place in which you wish to linger.

The Food: the menu is a simple work and there’s no frills and fancy with any of the food – but while it’s straight forward, it’s also really quite brilliant: pillowy pitas wrapped around freshly grilled chicken; skewers of pork; piping hot pots of souvlaki; and delicious meatball-style dishes that are devoured within moments.

There is heart here, something that shines through in the tastes and flavors that land with each plate.

Even the homecooked potato chips are a lesson in how to do things right. Warsaw has enjoyed good Greek food before, but now it can offer something even better.

The Verdict: already, the Insider is counting this place as one of its favorite openings of the year. A place of authentic hospitality and fabulous food, that this is a labor of love is manifestly obvious from the moment one enters.

In recent times, seldom has a concept felt so clear-headed: they want to cook well and they want you to enjoy it. Should they keep on this path, then their success is assured. Already, we absolutely love it.

Mr. Greek Souvlaki
ul. Londyńska 16

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