Off the Card Cocktails Off the Card Cocktails

When the drink menus look like they are carved in stone, try ordering off the menu. Here are five places we love to chat n sip with the bartender.

Leniviec (Poznańska 7) There were natural suspicions when Leniviec made the transition from coffee to cocktails, but whose laughing now? Barman Patryk is a modern day alchemist, and his creations make use of quality spirits, fresh fruits, herbs and spices. 

Kita Koguta (Kurcza 6/14) It’s like Dexter’s Laboratory at times in Kita Koguta, a place where the management give free reign to staff to get creative: e.g. cocktails served in smoking coconut husks. Not all the experiments go to plan, but that’s part of the fun. 

Syreni Śpiew (Szara 10A) Bills can get large in Syreni Śpiew, primarily because you won’t stop with one drink – more like ten. The house classics are good, but the off-the-cuff inventions are even better. Drink them on the outdoor summer deck while watching the park life. 

Secado (Marszałkowska 66) They’d only been open for about six minutes but still managed to scoop the Insider’s Best Cocktail Bar award in 2013. The bar staff like to experiment, lending new twists to established favorites. Challenge the staff, the results are ace.

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