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One To Watch… One To Watch…

A star in the making: Concept 13’s Dariusz Barański…

There’s a few badly kept secrets in restaurant land, and none more so than Concept 13. Really, ask just about anyone with a cursory interest in the foodie scene where the best lunch deal is found and they’ll say Concept. It’s not just the price though that appeals (zł. 50 for five courses), it’s the result – a wonderful menu that goes far beyond the pork chop and chips found on the lunch offers of other restaurants. Here, it’s the opposite – cooking as true art.

The man behind it is Dariusz Barański, an innovative creator schooled at household names like La Gavroche, Claridges and Sketch (as in the London venue, not the ghastly Warsaw tap bar). “He’s gone beyond composing just a brilliant menu,” says our secret contact at Froblog, “he composes one each and every day – just imagine that, the skill, talent and will necessary to do that from scratch day in, day out.”

Respected by his peers, TV chef Joseph Seeletso hails him as the consummate professional. “He’s not one of those people with his nose in the air.” Such is his flair, it’s no surprise to find Barański being tipped for even greater things. “I remember asking Wojciech [Amaro] once who he thought Poland’s next Michelin chef would be,” continues Seeletso, “and in a heartbeat he namechecked Barański.” And who are we to question the opinion of the patriarch of Polish chefs. Visit and visit soon – consider yourself told. 

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