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Eating Out: Baken
Simple but impactful, Baken has already secured its spot on the foodie map of Warsaw… When René Redzepi announced the closure of his innovative temple of gastronomy, NOMA, it seemed to confirm the tanking stock of the fine dining sector. But if fine dining is on the way out,... Read more
Monuments of Warsaw: Chopin
Born on this day in 1810, March 1st marks what would have been Fryderyk Chopin’s 213th birthday – in tribute, join us for a look at the iconic monument dedicated to the composer. First unveiled on November 14th, 1926, the Chopin monument had been years in the planning –... Read more
New Linear Park For Ursynów
Stretching out for nearly two-kilometres, a stunning linear park is set to be created in the southern district of Ursynów. Covering a total footprint of approximately ten hectares, the park will see 1,000 trees planted and over 100,000 shrubs, vines and perennials. Of its other features, a promenade running... Read more
In Pictures: Legia v Widzew
Resuming their rivalry with Widzew Łódź, Friday night saw a red hot night at Legia Warszawa… (Photos: Alex Webber) Read more
Fury At Hong Kong Development
Nicknamed Hong Kong on account of its densely packed apartments and outsized dimensions, a controversial residential complex has found itself at the center of a legal storm after a move by City Hall to outlaw ‘pathological’ developments… The work of JW Construction (a.k.a. JW Destruction to many on account... Read more
Bike Revolution On Its Way!
As of March 1st, users of the city’s bike share scheme have been promised “a revolution” with the roll-out of the new look Veturilo bike. Set to debut on the first day of the month, 300 stations will offer up a total of 3,030 bikes. Of this number, 10%... Read more
Coming Soon: 15th Warsaw Beer Festival
For the 15th time, the Polish capital is gearing up for one of it’s favorite events of the years: the Warsaw Beer Festival… Welcome To Warsaw Let’s be honest, you thought Warsaw would be gray and miserable, didn’t you? Twenty-years ago, you’d have had a point, but the changes... Read more
US Presidents In Warsaw!
With Joe Biden’s trip to Poland set to make world news, join us for a look back at previous presidential visits to this fair city… Having first visited last year, President Biden’s Warsaw speech in 2022 earned a largely enthusiastic response from the Polish public, but a more startled... Read more
Local Landmarks: Copernicus Statue
Looking pensive and wise, Warsaw’s Nicolas Copernicus monument is certainly up there as one of the city’s best-known landmarks. Honoring the first academic to suggest that the world traveled around the sun, and not vice versa, the statue was eight-years in the making, with the design first coined by... Read more
Green Revolution: Palace of Culture
Five bids ranging from between PLN 61.2 million to PLN 73.3 million have been submitted as part of a competitive tender process that will decide which contractor redevelops Pl. Defilad. Once a winner is decided, the chosen firm will then have 60 weeks to execute the redesign as previously... Read more