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Warsaw’s Most Romantic Bars
With St. Valentine knocking on the door, join us for a look at some of Warsaw’s most romantic bars and drinking dens. Get… Intimate Aura Hoża 27 A candidate for Warsaw’s smallest bar, this little corner of Hoża seduces with its sensually exotic air. Featuring a Moroccan-style design, it’s... Read more
Art Nouveau Pearl Restored
A historic tenement house in the heart of Warsaw has been restored to its prime following a painstaking renovation conducted by the city. Formally known as Kamienica Maksymiliana Harczyka, it was designed by Dawid Lange, a Łódź-born architect who achieved longstanding fame for authoring – among others – the... Read more
Art: Nordic Style @ National Museum
Featuring artists from Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Finland, over 100 works of art have been gathered by the National Museum of Art in Warsaw. The title of the exhibition references not just the summer solstice, but also the ‘solstice’ that occurred in Nordic painting at the turn of... Read more
Warsaw: Best European Destination!
Warsaw has been voted Europe’s top city following a poll conducted by European Best Destinations.   Drawing over half a million votes in all, the vote saw 20 cities battle it out for the title of Europe’s top city. Cited, in particular, for ‘culture’, ‘Instagrammers’, ‘lovers’, families’, ‘shopping’, ‘safety’,... Read more
Going Out: Hopito Chmielna
Devoted to smashing norms, join us for a look at the Hopito Brewery’s newest Warsaw pub… These are testing times for the craft beer industry, with the planet’s spiraling costs arguably impacting this niche market more than any other category in the F&B industry – and if you want... Read more
Spy Building Saved?
Colloquially known as ‘Szpiegowo’ (‘Spyville’), an iconic residential block that was once rumored to be a Soviet spy base looks likely to be saved from demolition according to latest reports. Found close to the Russian Embassy at Sobieskiego 100, the property was seized by the city last year in... Read more
Valentine’s Day: Wine Talk
It’s Valentine’s Day. A day when every couple is looking for ways to begin, consolidate, strengthen, or even save their relationship. They are looking for the secret weapon that will allow them to build upon their connection or reawaken the fires that no longer burn quite so brightly. Don’t... Read more
Going Out: Niewinność
Warsaw’s latest wine bar presents a departure from the norm… After years of enduring the same sameness, Warsaw’s wine drinkers have a bar scene that has finally hit its stride. Dispensing with years of formality and anonymous warehouse-style offerings, the last few months have seen a rich crop of... Read more
Love you so matcha
Originally beginning their journey with a stand in Poznań’s KontenerART complex, the popularity of Marcin Cieśluk’s and Shota Nakayama’s foamed-up matcha led to a café located in the city’s hip foodie district of Jeżyce. Now, destiny’s hand has led them to Warsaw, and to what many understand to be... Read more
Seven Warsaw Pubs For Winter
With Warsaw firmly under ice, join us for a look at our favorite winter pubs…   Beer Station Centrum Lwowska 17 When temperatures nosedive, who doesn’t love a subterranean dive buried down a narrow set of stairs. Looking almost cave-like, there’s a spirit here that puts you instantly at... Read more