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Communist Party HQ Now a Hipster Drinks Bar
Former Polish Communist Party HQ, an iconic Warsaw building, has turned into a nightlife hub and go-to hipster drinks bar! Standing behind the figure of Charles de Gaulle, it would take a case of river blindness not to notice the box-like building that looms beyond the Frenchman. Completed in... Read more
The Hoża Insider
A book written from the heart, ‘Hoża – my street’ by Paweł Kłudkiewicz has become the essential pick-up of the summer… A work of extraordinary depth and integrity, ‘Hoża – my street’ refuses to be defined. Is it a guidebook? Sort of. But it is so much more than... Read more
Tanks A Lot!
The wreckage of Russian military hardware has appeared in Plac Zamkowy as part of a travelling exhibition titled For Our Freedom And Yours. Comprising of rockets, a T-72 tank and a 2S19 Msta-S self-propelled howitzer, the exhibition was installed overnight and opened by the head of the Chancellery of... Read more
Going Out & Getting High: Ether Bar
Follow us for an insider look at Warsaw’s latest rooftop bar… Warsaw likes drinking from up high, but even so pickings remain slim – regardless, the headcount has been upped, and that’s thanks to the recent unveiling of Ether, the not-so-secret ace card belonging to the NYX Hotel. Having... Read more
Eating Out: hub.praga
Praga’s renaissance rises another notch with the debut of an upmarket gem…   Signs of Praga’s ongoing gentrification are numerous, and although it’s the mixed use Koneser project that tends to hog the headlines, advances are being made in the streets all around. Sitting practically opposite the gloriously revived... Read more
Going Out: Republica de San Escobar
Settled inside one of Warsaw’s liveliest areas, we take a deeper look at one of the city’s latest cult hangouts… What’s In A Name? Depending on how you look at it, the name is either a reference to that Columbian dude Pablo, or a tongue-in-cheek dig at one of... Read more
Grażyna Hase: Always in Vogue
Krystyna Spark explores the world of fashion icon Grażyna Hase… At 83-years-old Grażyna Hase still has the fervor of a fashion designer on the brink of stardom. Perhaps unsurprisingly so – after all, she was one of a handful of individuals who successfully established a recognizable name amidst the... Read more
Wet, wet, wet: Warsaw Wetlands project stuns the net!
Although first published last year, a project envisioning Pl. Konstytucji as a lush, wild wetland has gained further attention after being seized upon by numerous local news sites in the last couple of months. Submitted by a trio of students from the Polytechnic’s Faculty of Architecture, Śródmiejskie Mokradła was... Read more
Eating Out: Polly Pizza
Warsaw has a gazillion places that now vie for the title of the city’s best pizza, and you can be sure to now add Polly to that growing list of names… Fact: every neighborhood deserves a good pizza joint. Acting as a focal point for informal meet-ups, they’re also... Read more
Bus Driver Hailed For His Selfless Action
A bus driver has been hailed for his kindness after stopping to try and save a deer that had been hit by a car. Identified only as pan Wojciech, the driver was working his route on a Mobilis bus No. 737 when he noticed an animal lying on the... Read more

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