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Warsaw Venues In World Design Top 10
Not one, but two Warsaw hangouts have been named in Dezeen’s “Top 10 Bar & Restaurant Interiors 2022”. Competing against venues from the likes of London, Lyon, Antwetp and Seoul, the Polish capital was the only city to feature two entries on the hotlist with Va Bene Cicchetti and... Read more
Hit Or Miss? New Museum Sparks Debate
With its scaffolding removed, and the building now assuming its final form, the future seat of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw has faced a wave of criticism after its exterior was revealed after months under wraps. “I never thought I would miss the sight of the Palace... Read more
New Streets For Mordor
Commonly known as Mordor, a sub-section of Warsaw has seen two of its streets officially christened ulica Gandalfa and ulica Tolkiena. Originally heralded to go under the name of Pirytowa and Tytanowa, the newly-constructed streets were given names inspired by Lord of the Rings after locals swayed councilors to... Read more
Miniature Park Becomes Park of Shame
Once regarded as one of Warsaw’s true cult attractions, the city’s Park Miniatur is today a pale and shattered shadow of what it once was. Having switched locations six times in its short lifespan, its latest tenancy – on the corner of Świętokrzyska and Marszałkowska – has proved its... Read more
Uncovered: Warsaw’s Best Bar Toilets!
It’s no longer enough to settle for bog standard – as such, an ever-rising number of Warsaw hotspots are going the extra yard to provide bathroom facilities that go beyond the norm… Hi There, Sweet Cheeks! Paloma Inn Poznańska 21 A wacky toilet has become almost a must if... Read more
Review: Bianca Mozzarella
Simple, honest and brilliant at what they do, allow this slice of little Italy to bring some warmth to your soul… “I come from Puglia, a region where mozzarella is awarded the same importance as our daily bread,” says Francesco Micaletti, a former consultant that left the office grind... Read more
Warsaw Museums Celebrate Visitor Boom
Bouncing back after two years of on-off lockdowns, Warsaw’s museums are looking to the future after announcing record-breaking attendance figures for the year just gone. Of the more high-profile venues, the National Museum in Warsaw posted annual visitor figures of 470,831 to its main exhibition space, a considerable leap... Read more
23 Secrets For 2023

23 Secrets For 2023

Features 2 January 2023 0

There’s more to Warsaw than meets the eye – this year, challenge yourself to go below the surface to uncover Warsaw’s biggest (and not so big) secrets… Underground Kingdom Open only sporadically to the public, the Filtry waterworks (Koszykowa 81) are home to a stunning vaulted processing plant that... Read more
Architecture: Protecting Muranów
In December, plans for a new eight-story residential building sparked a campaign to protect the historical integrity of the 1950s Muranów Południowy housing estate… Led by the Mayor of Wola, Krzysztof Strzałkowski, efforts are underway to enter the post-war estate into the register of monuments so as to prevent... Read more
Winter Wander: Krakowskie Przedmieśćie
Lying between Nowy Świat high street and the Royal Castle, Krakowskie Przedmieśćie is the final link on the Royal Route – festooned with lights, it’s here that history combines with the spirit of Christmas to make for an essential December walk… Staszic Palace Once the site of a 17th... Read more