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Patio Patio

There’s always a buzz when entering a courtyard – a sense of entering the unknown. What lies inside, you think? Largely abandoned by residents, the courtyard at Kredytowa 9 has been reclaimed by Patio, a place that announces itself in a riot of greenery and upcycled fixtures.

During the day it’s a place of chatter and chill and calm contemplation: people tap quietly on their Airbook’s, some girls pick over a salad and whisper in giggles. But it’s not always like this – a pink bra hangs from a string of lights over the DJ decks. “That was a party to remember,” smiles Maciej the manager. And parties they do well – a 7 a.m. finish isn’t all that rare.

Yet there is more to Patio than excess alone. Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights see free film screenings courtesy of Kino Perła, and draw an intelligent crowd of coiffured fashionistas. Tonight, for instance, is the turn of Happiness by Todd Solondz, and you get the impression not even the thunder and lightning bolts will get in the way of the show. Culture and cocktails, art and animalism – this is Warsaw, 2014. Isn’t it beautiful?

Neeed to Know

Drinks: heavy involvement from Perła means the full Perła range is available, inc. Zwierzyniec and Dziki Ale

Events: check their FB page for a rundown of what’s coming up 

Dress: cool & casual 

(Photos courtesy of Patio)

Patio ul. Kredytowa 9, facebook

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