Północ Południe Północ Południe

Recently a friend asked me where my favorite places are for an outdoor lunch. Without hesitation I immediately thought of a new spot that’s found its way to the top of my restaurant radar: Północ Południe. Sat by Plac Unii a few doors down from Być Może, the name literally translates to North and South. For all I know it could be named after the 80s mini-series starring Patrick Swayze, but my guess is that it has something to do with Śródmieście to the north and Mokotów to the south. Either way, it is good and good.
Besides the food being colorful and inventive there is a restaurant concept that works here. It has a visible kitchen, which at times is a little noisy, but something I always love to gander at if table talk is stilted; there’s also a beautifully designed interior, not to mention an attentive wait staff that are familiar with what they serve. Recently – and greedily – I returned for the bób (broad bean) risotto. My first instinct was that a dish this good couldn’t possibly be zł. 19. But this was no mistake – generally speaking, food is affordable here and the kick to start you off are the sliders. Don’t think these are old-hat and boring: they don’t just consist of beef, but also salmon, egg and chicken. Order them three or five at a time. And how’s about this for attention to detail: even your beer glass comes chilled (Czech Primator in bottles). With this heat, I’d endure the armpit smell of a tram to quench my thirst here. (KD)

Północ Południe
ul. Bagatela 10, facebook.com/PolnocZPoludniem

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