Preparing For The New Normal Preparing For The New Normal

Specializing in epidemiological risk management, Jarek Oleszczuk (MD PhD) of epiXpert talks about the firm and its mission… 


What does epiXpert actually do?
We were founded with the mission to support organizations in their return to operations and to help them continue operating safely during the COVID19 pandemic. Our efforts are also focused on schools which are the cornerstone of every country’s economy and social order: we’re here to help schools provide classroom learning in a safe environment. 

How was the idea born?
Basically, from the discussions we had with business owners, managers, school administrators and parents. The founders of epiXpert are all business owners and parents, and we understand and empathize with all the challenges that schools had to go through in the first half of 2020. Most of our staff have medical backgrounds as well, so we are also able to sift through publicly available information with a medical lens to offer only evidence-based solutions. 

Who are your clients?
Our clients span various industries from manufacturing, through to HoReCa and law firms. We have also been closely working with two international schools – the American School of Warsaw and the British Primary School of Wilanów. For the American School of Warsaw, we have developed a comprehensive 14-point plan to ensure the safe reopening of the school in August.

Where schools are involved, what are your aims?
We offer tailor-made consulting and support in developing practices and assessing components for a multi-layered approach to safe school reopenings. In this we have three goals in mind: i) prevent the virus from entering the school; ii) ensure that in case the virus does enter that it is contained; and iii) to keep the educational and program delivery model as unchanged as possible. 

What solutions do you offer for this?
We are the only company in Poland offering a protocol which essentially eliminates the risk of the virus entering the school. Our approach is based on weekly swab testing (don’t worry – it’s a nasal swab test!) using sample pooling methodology, supplemented by a daily risk assessment algorithm in a mobile application. Visit this site if you are after survival tips and tricks. The methodology is resource-light and costs a fraction of individual RT-PCR tests. Our approach has been validated by epidemiologists from Harvard University and will likely become gold standard.


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