Review: Przyjemność Review: Przyjemność

Pizza gets the full Californian treatment in Przyjemność…

The Place
Tiny! Interior-wise, you’re looking at a raised communal table impossibly squashed between a counter on one side and limited seating on the other. It’s a squeeze alright, with all manner of jiggling and jostling needed before hunkering down and taking your position for the night. That done, and you’re faced with a design that feels cool and millennial: plants, wire mesh panels and a bit of funky neon.

The Food
Californian pizza is the order of the day which, for the uninitiated, sees Italian foundations (long ripened dough from Italian flour, DOP San Marzano tomatoes and Fior Di Latte mozzarella) pimped up with maverick toppings and unexpected additions. Thai-gerita, for instance, reimagines the traditional Margherita via the inclusion of Thai basil. But you’re simply not going to better the Gringo Chicken, a wondrous creation that features dollops of sour cream and guacamole thwacked onto heaps of achiote chicken, jalapeno, coriander and red onion. Frankly, it’s brilliant, and the tastes revved up by lashings of Sriracha and homemade mango and chipotle sauce.

Surprising in its magnificence, it’s the most exciting development Warsaw’s pizza circle has had since the likes of Mąka i Woda first burst on the scene. And hold your horses a second – not only do they score well on the pizza front, the drinks aren’t shabby either –specializing in spritzers, you’ve got a choice of nine or so house specials to pick from. Is this a recommendation? Most certainly so.

ul. Marszałkowska 68/70
(enter from ul. Skorupki),

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