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Review: Hesu Review: Hesu

If you googled the term ‘millennial color palette’ you most likely wouldn’t have to scroll far before coming across the same vibrant color choices that lacquer the walls of this new Korean joint – even their rice is blue.

Slotted inside an area that’s enjoying a gastronomic blossoming, Hesu seems to fit the algorithm and sits naturally among the likes of Falla, Basil & Lime, Baron’s The Family and Nonna.

Looking at the design components isn’t unlike viewing a Pinterest board featuring all the other new-wave joints around town, and that familiarity even extends to a logo that shares a striking similarity to that of Mr. Oh.

The staff, almost predictably, come with mustaches, tatts and Hawaiian shirts, but their welcome is warm and sincere and it is these trend-conscious foot soldiers that you’ll find bringing forth what must surely be one of the best kimchi salads in town – and beyond!

The bulgogi bibimbap likewise checks all the boxes confidently, though from a personal point of view, their ‘spicy chicken’ is a little less crunchy and decadent than the Korean KFC it appears to be inspired by – but at least the chicken is organic! Overall though, a very welcome addition that’s fab to visit.

Insider tip
Cocktails taste nice but maybe a little too loaded. On the food front, mull over their jarred goodies before taking a couple home – you won’t be disappointed.

Hesu Warsaw
ul. Oboźna 9, facebook

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