Review: MariCruz_mission burrito Review: MariCruz_mission burrito

Mission: Accomplished!
Born in San Francisco half-a-century back, the “Mission burrito” has touched down in Warsaw…

Where Am I?
You’ll find more elbow room on a submarine, but the tight dimensions of MariCruz simply add to the atmosphere. Exuding the rackety, rickety feeling of a food shack, it’s an environment that’s ideal for such a simple street food staple as the “Mission burrito”.

Here, rough-hewn, peeling plaster walls come adorned with bursts of neon and pops of stencil-like street art, lending this compact room a hip, raw feel whose ambiance is amplified further by the bangs and crashes that ring out from the kitchen. Lively and engaging, it’s exactly the required kind of backdrop when dealing with hand-held food.

Serve Me Up…
You could write the full menu out on the back of your hand and still have room to add a few doodles – but who needs anything more than a burrito and homemade nachos? Serving three types of Mission burrito (inc. an option to ‘build your own’), the best-selling Alcatraz sees shredded beef marinated for five-hours then cooked over eight before being squashed inside a tortilla along with heaps of the usual accoutrements.

But what’s with the “Mission” part? That sees the burrito given a treatment first devised in Frisco’s Mission district, with the tightly-rolled tortilla steamed rather than grilled to give it a more elastic texture that’s suited to packing it to the max. And packed to the max it is – held together in aluminum foil, the result is a supermax burrito brimming with deliciously sloppy ingredients. Squirt out some extra hot salsa from the squeezy bottles on the table and you have something to remember.

MariCruz_mission burrito
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