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It’s easy to carve and condense south central Warsaw into snack-sized pieces – you’ve got Nowogrodzka, celebrated for its craft beer and busy bars; there’s Poznańska, with its neo-bistros and summer street scene; Koszykowa, now forever defined by Hala Koszyki; and Mokotowska with its fancy boutiques. Wilcza, that’s all about quirky private enterprises, while Krucza, with its history of bankrupted bars, is where good (and not-so-good) ideas go to die. Żurawia, on the other hand, is something stylish, smart and altogeher sexy. Don’t believe us? Then step into Palmier.


Opened last May, Palmier hit the ground running and have been a success story ever since. This, in itself, is no surprise: by offering classic cocktails with an individualized twist, they’ve hit upon a niche that Warsaw has a taste for. Masterfully crafted using the finest ingredients, cocktails here are a liquid journey into the heart of pleasure. Well-balanced and impeccable on every level, the thrills here are refined and high class. If you want day-glo cocktails served inside a halved coconut shell, go elsewhere – Palmier is for people who know a top drink when they have one.

Escapist in every respect, there’s a star quality here, a real sense of swank. The interiors are the stuff of Gatsby – tall palm fronds and marble finishes underneath ceilings that stretch forever – while the long, strip terrace is pure seasonal bliss: a place to chill, chat and pretend to be one of Warsaw’s top 1%. It’s not just good, it’s one of the best…

ul. Żurawia 6/12,

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