Far-flung flavors receive a convincing vegan makeover courtesy of the Peaches Gastro Girls...

Review: Peaches Gastro Girls Review: Peaches Gastro Girls

Cooped up under lockdown, flat mates Monika Mazurek and Klaudia Górak longed to get away. But unlike most of us who didn’t move from the sofa, they got proactive and brought the world to their kitchen. Scouring the web for exotic recipes from far-flung places the pair began experimenting and veganizing what they found.

Growing in confidence, it wasn’t long until they were sharing their creations with friends as tasty souvenirs of their culinary adventures. Riding on the positive feedback, the duo decided to make an extra buck by making their food public and sending it for delivery. Presto, at the end of 2020 Peaches Gastro Girls was born.

As delivery orders stacked up, the gastro girls took the next step and set up shop in the restaurant space of Klub Spatif. Opening properly once restaurants were allowed to reboot in May, an outdoor area was set up in the courtyard patio.

Playing in tandem with Spatif’s cool vibe, visitors are free to order drinks at the bar before taking in the jazzy vibe. Our suggestions: a Peach champagne (Champagne, peach aperitif, amaretto) or the Lavender Collins (Chivas whisky, white vermouth, almond, lavender).

In the Kitchen
Not only is their kitchen all female, they’ve now sourced some international talent from Peru and India.

Ignoring proteins like tempeh, soy or seitan, instead these kitchen heroes conjure magic from seasonal veggies whilst whipping out some Beyond Meat to give oomph to their wontons.

The menu changes with the seasons, but for certain we’re hoping their tacos stay for good – substituting meat with oyster mushrooms, their carnitas taste as authentic as they come.

Insider tip
While they take reservations on mojstolik.pl, do not get discouraged if there aren’t any left; provided there’s space, walk-ins are welcome.

Peaches Gastro Girls
ul. Mokotowska 58, facebook


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