Let's taco 'bout Lucas!

Review: Señor Lucas Review: Señor Lucas

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that any new Mexican in Warsaw is going to find itself benchmarked against the spectacular La Sirena, a place so fabulous as to make you feel sorry for the rest of the field – when it comes to providing competition, what’s the point in even trying? But wait! In the shape of Senor Lucas a new option exists, one so unlikely in its greatness that you leave a little staggered.

Submerged down one of those cramped, little walk-down units on ul. Poznańska, its tiny proportions (one table and a counter to lean on) and basic aesthetics (a blackboard and some crates) belie a standard that sits there with the best – and it’s not just us that think that!

Causing a storm online, find a small menu of tacos and burritos stuffed with marinaded meats and ringing with peppy salsas and big flavor contrasts: and everything wrapped and folded inside gorgeous handmade tortillas that deserve their own award.

Señor Lucas
ul. Hoża 41 (enter from Poznańska 16)

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