Reykjavik District Reykjavik District

Once you walk through the somewhat shabby main gate, veer to the left and walk up the staircase to enter the Reykjavik District. Reykjavik presents a very sophisticated collection of high-end suits and shirts designed by upcoming designer Olly Lindal. Olly and his wife opened the shop after moving to Warsaw from Iceland, where he’d started his career as a designer. He decided to continue his business in Poland after friends started to compliment him on his style – pieces that he’d designed himself. Given the relative scarcity of menswear options in Warsaw, it definitely sounded like a niche in the market.

As for the location, Olly says that they intentionally chose a cooler, slightly out-of-the-way location: “We wanted to have a sort of hidden location, not in the high street. We found this place and it was perfect for that, particularly given the set-up.” Indeed, the space is ultra cool – it’s like a gallery filled with charming antique wardrobes, sewing machines and industrial details that provide the perfect setting to a truly well-made collection that hails back to the traditions of bespoke tailoring. The clothes are chic, cut well and there’s a bit of everything for everyone: tailored suits for the businessman dandy, and laid-back fashion t-shirts and jeans for the dotcom dude. With a fun, almost secret-like feel, it looks like an In The Know gem that’s ready to flourish. 

ul. Solec 18/20
501 339 222
Open Tues-Fri 13:00-19:00; Sat-Sun 13:00-17:00.

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