Street Scout: Oleandrów Street Scout: Oleandrów

Often overlooked as a grey stretch of nothing, Oleandrów street is in fact alive with energy and enterprise and bold self-expression…

Oleandrów 8
If you like your birds spit-roasted then look no further than Kurczaki, a budget eatery whose specialty is chicken. Wait it out in sweltering temperatures before being rewarded by ace chicken cooked in varying sizes and styles: depending on the day, that could mean in beer or in Thai or Jamaican sauces.

Latający Obiekt
Oleandrów 3
“I like Frisbee, I like beer – that’s why I created this place,” so says Piotr, the owner. Made in Canada Frisbees come in all colors and shapes (even mini-size for mutts), and are complimented by regional beers and homemade biscuits. A bizarre find in Poland – likely the first of its kind.

Oleandrów 6
Open since 2007, the M2 gallery represents a series of young Polish artists already firmly on the road to success: Jakub Adamek, Paweł Dunal and Agnieszka Kieliszczyk to mention but a few. This independent gallery is a window into the bold creativity of New Poland.

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Looking for a Born to Grill apron? Or maybe the latest cookbook from Thomas Keller? Or how about pots and pans from Riess? Installed as one of the top kitchenware stores in town, Makutra has the lot. As owner Magdalena Raczkowska says: “It’s for people who love cooking and love beautiful things.” Quite.

Małe Piwo
Oleandrów 4
Hands up who loves good beer? Thought so. Małe Piwo have been a sensation since opening, preempting the craft beer trend and in the process attracting huge crowds of every sub-section of the hipster community. The choice of bottles is immense, and enjoyed in an edgy, dive bar background.

Polna 22
Belgian-style fries served in paper cones right from out of a street-side hatch. Yes they’re good, but they’re bettered by the sauces that are written up in marker pen on the tiled walls. With money exchanged, do your eating on the upturned crates left on the side of the curb.

Oleandrów 3
Proprietor Magdalena Wińska spent years in London and Paris working as a make-up artist, and her sense of style is evident in Safripsti, a vintage boutique that mixes timeless classics with retro must-haves.

Oleandrów 3
A pleasing find, Strefa’s casual atmosphere is emphasized by a stack of board games and books in the corner – people come here to dwell and dawdle over hot coffee, craft beer, changing art and a slice of homemade cake. A strong sense of neighborhood prevails, with owners of neighboring businesses always swinging by for a chat and a chew.

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